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Study Area, Project Limits & Process

Study Area

The 95th Street at Stony Island Avenue study area is comprised of the intersection and its approaches, which are currently constrained by railroad structures.

Project Limits

The southern project limit is approximately north of the Bishop Ford Expressway interchange, and the northern project limit is approximately 93rd Street. The westerly viaduct on 95th Street may be included in the study, and possibly the signalized intersection marking the main entrance into Stony Island Plaza on the east. The project limits contain a mixture of commercial and industrial land uses, as well as some vacant property.

Study Process

Step One: Existing Conditions Analysis, Stakeholder Identification, Development of the SIP. This stage of the project development process includes: assessing existing conditions around the 95th Street/Stony Island Avenue intersection; organizing a Community Advisory Group; reaching out to local stakeholders and other interested parties about the project; and, hosting Public Information Meeting #1 to identify study area issues/concerns.

Step Two: Develop and Refine Alternatives. This stage of the project consists of the identification and refinement of project alternatives. The goal of this step will be to select alternatives suitable to meet project and stakeholder goals that were identified in Step One.

Step Three: Approval of Final Alternative. The process will continue with the identification and concurrence of the preferred design alternative.

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Illinois Department of Transportation