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Community Advisory Group (CAG) /
Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

IDOT will be enlisting the input of the 95th at Stony Island Community Advisory Group (CAG) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to assist with the project. The CAG/TAG will provide input on various study elements including the definition of project needs, and evaluation of the potential alternatives. The CAG/TAG consists of community leaders from the study area, and stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development that are affected by the study, as well as other representative stakeholders. Other individuals wishing to be considered for CAG/TAG membership will be able to do so by signing up at public meetings or via the project website, or by responding to fliers. The Project Study Group (PSG) will ultimately determine CAG/TAG membership to ensure balanced representation in an effective and manageable workshop setting. It is anticipated there will be five of these meetings which will be scheduled to correspond with key project milestones.

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Illinois Department of Transportation